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Korean Instant Noodles

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Korean Instant Noodles

Nongsim is one of the leading company for Instant Noodle in Korea.
It is 14g.
The tasty is bit spicy and noodle is very tender.

- Wheat : Austrailia, USA
- Pam Oil : Malaysia
- Calory : 495Kcal
- Carbo : 78g,Sugar : 4g
- Protain : 8g
- Fat : 17g
- Trance Fat : 0g
- Colesterol : 0g
- Natrum : 1,550mg
- Calsume : 150g

>> JL TADING Company
JL TRADEING is headquartered in Busan, South Korea, and has grown as a reputable trade comapny dealing with the demanding Japanese trade industry.

Through our ongoing exports, we hold a competitive position among domestic wholesale-retail foodstuffs and miscellaneous goods supplies.
Additionally, we have plans to expand to a wide variety of frozen, refrigerated, and seafood products.
As a 21st century global business, JL TRADING works to create lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with its partners, and we'll strive to offer services we hope you find unmatched.


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Korean Instant Noodles